Our company, firmly convinced  that the ability to satisfy Customers’ request is the key to be competitive on National and Foreign market and successful for a long run, has implemented during the year 2015 a certification process for  its Management System following International Standards SA8000, for Social Responsibility, and ISO 9001, for Quality.

We’re convinced that the empowerment and the protection of human rights and labour norms of all the personell involved in business together with the control of all company processes will lead to a continuous improvement of the service offered to the final Customer, a higher internal efficiency and a quick solution of any possible inefficiencies.

In the name of Aeffe’s Team it is with great pleasure and satisfaction that we’re glad to inform you that the certification process ended successfully in February 2016. 

Aeffe’s Management Board would like to thank all the people involved for the active and constant commitment which has allowed us to achieve this result, that is not meant to be as an arrival point but a new starting one.