Integrated Policy of Quality, Social and Environmental Responsibility

Growth, transparency and sustainability are what in which we would like to distinguish ourselves, basing our strategies on the belief that ethic and profit cannot be in contrast. In fact, there is no long-term economical development disconnected with the social and environmental one.

Inspiring to and aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals, we commit to transparency towards the market and to contribute to the generation of a global positive change, undertaking a clear environmental and social responsibility, also for the quality of the product.

Fully aware that the sustainability goals implementation is uniquely possible with a collaborative approach we constantly search for partnership with entities sharing the same attention for environmental and people protection and innovation-oriented values.

The quality of the product and the respect of ethical principles of social and environmental responsibility are for us core values that we intend to achieve through:

  • the understanding of the demands of the organizational context in which we operate, in order to meet the expectations of the Customer, of our staff and other stake-holders,
  • the research of the quality in our yarns, which are steadily subjected to controls that provide the objective evidence of the quality of the final product,
  • the preparation of our staff, to whom we want to provide continuous training and updating, so as to create a climate of fruitful cooperation and harmony among the personnel and a right level of awareness about company’s will to produce “quality” in respect of the principles of social and environmental responsibility,
  • the respect of legal, technical and contractual laws and the principles of the UNI EN ISO 9001,
  • the pursuing the following macro-objectives for environmental impact reduction:
    • guarantee to constantly monitor the energy consumption and to search for technical solutions aimed at minimizing them
    • inform and train employees on the activities carried out by the company in the sustainability field using meetings and periodic briefings in order to promote research and innovation;
    • search for regulatory compliance constantly going towards partners and suppliers sharing the same values and strategic goals and able to answer to increasingly challenging market demands;
    • adopt techniques and cutting-edge management tools towards performances continuous improvement in the sustainability field;
    • search for production and management solutions providing a higher production processes effectiveness in order to reduce and/or minimize energy and water and CO2 emissions in the atmosphere;
    • correctly and responsibly manage waste coming from the production process;
    • search for and prefer solutions for reducing waste production reduction and/or increasing reuse and recycling practices;
  • the respect of the international standard SA8000’s ethical principles:
    • no use or support of child labour;
    • no use or support of forced or compulsory labour;
    • provide a safe and healthy workplace;
    • respect the right to form and join trade unions and to bargain collectively;
    • no discrimination based on any form and prohibit any unethical behaviour;
    • treat all personnel with dignity and respect and zero tolerance of any form of abuse or violence of the collaborators;
    • respect the remuneration and the working hours, complying with the collective labour agreement.

principles recalled and subscribed in detail in the “documentation of the policies and procedures for social responsibility” which is an integral part of this policy,

  • doing reasonable efforts in order to guarantee that these principles are shared and applied also by suppliers and sub-suppliers, according to our own possibilities and resources to influence these subjects,
  • the steady improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of the work organization, of the ability to satisfy the Customer’s requests, of the managed processes and of our management system.

The company thereby activates for the disclosure of the entire content of this policy within the organization so that it is known and followed at all levels. At the same time all the tools have been prepared for the disclosure of these purposes to the external subjects with which the company comes into contact. Mainly customers and suppliers because directly connected to the manufacturing process also including reference associations, communities and public institutions in order to raise awareness towards sustainability issues.

The legal representative

February 28th, 2022