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  • drawstrings
  • piping
  • ribbons
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Our Essence

Beauty creators

You believe in uniqueness, just like us.

For 20 years this has been our motto, a music vibrating and inspiring us to create beauty.
We turn your idea into an accessory for garments and footwear.

Weaving emotions

We love creativity and relentlessly think about new ways to capture imagination and make it tangible.

We constantly invest in machinery and manufacturing which enable us to customise your accessories.

Artisans of luxury

We care about your value and are attentive to special requests.

We work with luxury and haute couture maisons, two worlds that require constant commitment to achieve uniqueness and exclusivity.

A dedicated code

We follow our own Code of Ethics to face the competitive market with full respect for environmental protection and social responsibility.

AEFFE S.R.L Unipersonale
Head Office
P.le Papa Giovanni XXIII - 25036 Palazzolo sull’Oglio (BS)
Operating Unit
Via II Giugno 2 - 42047 Rolo (RE)
Other locations
Via II Giugno 3 / Via Degli Intarsiatori Rolesi 4 - 42047 Rolo (RE)
Tel:+39 0522 660860
Fax: +39 0522 650030
email: info@aeffeonline.it